Blue Heart Limited Series Podcasts – Communicating Openly, Hope and Resilience, and Healing Trauma

I’m excited about the release of my Blue Heart Limited Series podcasts! Inspired by my short stories, Speak From your Heart and Be Heard: Stories of Courage and Healing.

Topics include:

  • Pathways to Hope and Resilience
  • Healing Trauma
  • Achieving Post-traumatic Growth
  • Changing the Script and Nurturing Replacement Children

Themes of Communicating Openly, Hope and Resilience, and Healing Trauma will run through the series.

We invite you to listen to the podcasts on Listen Notes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast channel. Click here to listen to episodes of the podcast directly on this site.

We’ve completed the first four in the limited-edition series. In the fall, we’ll record and release the remaining four in the limited series.

Pathways to Healing and Resilience

In this Blue Heart Session, we ask “How can we nurture ourselves, and strengthen self-empowerment in uncertain times?” Therapist Abigail Morehouse (Sex Education) sets an example. When accused of blasphemy by church conservatives, she stands up for her beliefs and fights back. I bring two chair therapy, (one of my favorite approaches), into the spotlight.

My accomplice Randy and I imagined a guided dialogue between the character of rebellious Edgar and his father, right in our podcast. Two chair work shows us how we can begin to recognize and accept the self-critical parts of ourselves. How can we be our best “inner coach?” For Randy and me, it was a chance to show off our hidden acting talents :).

replacement children

Replacement Children: the Unconscious Script

In this Blue Heart session, we share ideas and suggestions for how parents and family members can heal their grief after they lose a child. We know that the loss of a child will profoundly affect the life of everyone in the family. We talk about caring support systems and ask how we can help spare lives and help families break out of “destructive dances.” Let’s help folks rewrite the script.

Unique Approaches to Healing Trauma

In this Blue Heart session, we draw from the experiences of lovers Misty and Ned’s (The Promise) which mirror real life. We consider why some people heal from painful trauma and grief to become happy and fulfilled, while others remain stuck or hopeless. Misty shows resilience as she heals and transform her life, while Ned still struggles. We’ll be looking at steps we can take to heal, get the caring and nurturing we need, and achieve “post-traumatic growth.”

Thinking Out of the Box: Sister Kenny and Therapist Rachel

From the story, “Monitored,” we learn how therapist Rachel Stern offers her client, Erik, compassionate therapy and challenges the team’s threat to medicate and commit him.

Rachel shows that her brand of therapy is exactly what her client needs to heal. We raise the question: What is the place of medication and labels in therapy? Almost a hundred years ago, Australian bush nurse, Sister Kenny, like Rachel, challenged the rules and demonstrated that her controversial approach, which included working directly with muscles in spasm, helped polio patients heal far better than conventional methods. Many of her methods have been used in the development of the Physical Therapy of our time.


Speak From Your Heart and Be Heard: Stories of Courage and Healing is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle and some independent bookstores.

Warm thoughts,
Kixx Goldman