Speak from Your Heart and Be Heard: Stories of Courage and Healing

This book contains fictionalized and inspirational stories
based on real life and professional experiences.


Psychologist Dr. Kixx Goldman explores the nature of intuition and resilience. When people honor their intuition, the “little voice” inside, and speak openly about their feelings, they thrive in their relationships. You, too, can follow your inner voice, speak from your heart, and claim your power.

The eight engaging fictional stories in this collection are personal, drawn from experiences in Dr. Kixx’s life and the lives of her clients.

The characters are tested by everyday traumas…
• A devoted father and his daughter find hope in rewriting their past.
• With remarkable grit, a teacher escapes a surprise attack.
• To heal his childhood wounds, a man must conquer his fears.
• A therapist defies the establishment to protect her clients.
• As she confronts the church, a therapist regains her standing.
• A woman learns the risks of not speaking out.
• By sharing her story and bonding with peers, a woman overcomes her trauma.

As the characters in these stories find the courage to triumph over their challenges, they heal and grow.

Speak from Your Heart offers the reader a guided tour of unique and powerful approaches to healing trauma.
An added feature and treat, Behind the Scenes reveals more about the source of the stories.


The Habits Code: The Art Of Mastering Your Domain
Dr. Kixx Goldman, Contributing Author


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