04 May
CREATING CHARACTERS FROM THE PSYCHE UP: Musings About this Writer’s Process
Category: Human Relations, Latest Works, Ps...
“Whatever happened to poor Lucy? Why was her childhood so tragic? The deck wasn’t stacked in her favor. She didn’t have much of a chance, did she?” Those words, spoken by my hus...
02 Jan
The Power of Threes
Category: Book Reviews, Diversity, Human Re...
HAPPY NEW YEAR & DECADE – It’s the 20s again. They say the New Year is a time for reflection. How many of you are serial book readers? And how many of you, as in...
28 Sep
Caught in the Crossfire
Category: Latest Works
Rachel Stern must balance her desire to advocate for her client, Danielle, with her concern for the safety of Danielle’s children. A compassionate and warmhearted therapist, Rac...
17 May
Irv’s Photo
Category: Latest Works
IRV’S PHOTO Widowed and lonely in the senior living center, retired engineer and proud father, Irv Darling, longs to show his love to his daughter, his pride and joy. Irv always...
17 May
Category: Latest Works
SEDUCTION When a friend from her old gang calls, out of the blue, and invites her to dinner, newly divorced Caroline is at first reluctant. Not sure of Scott’s intentions and le...
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