20 May
Mother Worried About Unhappy Teenage Daughter
Truth Lies and Labels – Part 1
Category: Human Relations, Psychology, Trauma
Liar, liar, pants on fire…” Is calling somebody a liar the worst thing you can say about them? It’s certainly one of our favorite ways of branding people. Calling something a li...
20 Apr
When Parents are Toxic
Category: Psychology, Trauma
When to Forgive? What can you do if the source of your misery is your own parent? Just as there are good parents who mysteriously produce difficult children, there are truly tox...
11 Apr
Human head silhouette model made from rusty metal gears
Violence and Twisted Psyches
Category: Psychology, Trauma, Writing
Writers have become intrigued by people who’ve worked with veterans with post-traumatic stress and then become terrorists, wreaking their own violent acts. They’ve asked if the ...
05 Apr
Memory and Trauma
Category: Trauma
Peter Levine, an expert and my guru on trauma, has written a new book, Memory and Trauma. I was blessed to hear him speak at our local Phoenix treasure, the Musical Instrument M...