16 Dec
Strong Attachments Help Us Heal Trauma
Category: Human Relations, Psychology, Trau...
Characters in the stories we read or write often take up residence in our minds. Have characters in stories come to life for you? Do you feel like you’ve entered their wor...
29 Oct
Let’s Listen to Generation Z
Category: Human Relations, Politics, Psycho...
My gut is churning and my head feels like someone sat on it. This is my author and coaching website and politics have no place here. Or do they? But I must speak out. After all,...
11 Apr
Human head silhouette model made from rusty metal gears
Violence and Twisted Psyches
Category: Psychology, Trauma, Writing
Writers have become intrigued by people who’ve worked with veterans with post-traumatic stress and then become terrorists, wreaking their own violent acts. They’ve asked if the ...
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