When a friend from her old gang calls, out of the blue, and invites her to dinner, newly divorced Caroline is at first reluctant. Not sure of Scott’s intentions and leery of his past drunken overtures, Caroline agrees to meet, seeing it as a chance to renew lifelong connections. The evening shows promise as the two friends reminisce about past triumphs and tribulations, but Scott’s veneer of respect and politeness dissolves quickly into hostility and insults when Caroline resists his advances. Caroline slowly realizes she must stand up to Scott and speak out for herself, at the risk of losing a friend and connections with her old gang.


“Kixx Goldman absolutely nailed the storytelling here. There’s rising tension and an epiphany moment. Then that great climax where Caroline loses her composure at the table. I love her four-letter word outburst and the ending.”                                                                            ~ Les Rees, Engineer, and Avid Fiction Reader