My book-length manuscript is a collection of short stories.  When Stephen King noted that his writing tends to be “based more on situation than story,” it resonated with me. Although Mr. King and I write in different genres, my own writing is also inspired by situations, from either my personal life or my work with clients.

The stories are not autobiographical but they are personal. I start with a memory, then the story transforms into its own creation. Characters are challenged to express their truth and speak up for themselves, risking life’s wrath when they don’t.

I’m passionate about reading and writing. I believe that writing our stories can bring the parts of our brain into harmony and nourish our souls and I encourage you to tell your story. We live in a time when dinosaurs are extinct and life on this planet is at stake. Playing video games threatens to transcend human interaction and communication is often reduced to sound bytes. Speaking and recording our thoughts is more important than ever. This is our legacy.

My invitation stands. I invite you, my readers, to examine your truth and the potential outcomes of expressing it so you may empower yourself to design the life you want to live.

In Peace and Harmony,