05 Aug
Traumatic Brain Injury, as the result of a car crash
CRASH: Missing Samantha (Part 1)
Category: Parents and Kids, Trauma
CRASH: Missing Samantha by Dr. Kixx Goldman (Part 1 of 3) It’s about my observations and experiences with a good friend who had the misfortune of suffering Traumatic Brain Injur...
02 Jul
dad holding hand of daughter
Irv’s Photo: Healing Another Kind of Trauma
Category: Human Relations, Parents and Kids
Irv’s Photo: Healing Another Kind of Trauma In an earlier blog, we saw that Characters in the stories we read or write often take up residence in our minds.
20 Apr
When Parents are Toxic
Category: Psychology, Trauma
When to Forgive? What can you do if the source of your misery is your own parent? Just as there are good parents who mysteriously produce difficult children, there are truly tox...
18 Apr
Young African American family having fun while drawing together at home.
A PATH TO SELF ESTEEM: Helping Children Use their Words
Category: Psychology
As a consultant in the elementary schools, I’m impressed when I hear a teacher let’s call her Ms. Jones-say to an angry, explosive child, “Jamie, can you use your words to...