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Dear Clients, Readers, and Friends,

Welcome to my website and please enjoy browsing!

I would love to connect with you. In my virtual Blue Heart sessions, we can heal trauma and find pathways to hope and resilience.

If you are facing inner conflict, negative self-talk, grief, traumatic stress, emotional pain, relationship roadblocks, or simply feel the need to talk and make positive changes, our therapy is tailored to your special needs.

In a climate of trust and safety, I will listen and support you, help you experience and express feelings, and take positive action. Through our collaborative sessions, you will identify your interaction patterns, untangle fight cycles, enrich your relationships, and feel more resolved.

Empower yourself and reclaim your power!

Dr. Kixx


Writer, Author

I invite you, my readers, to explore new worlds and exciting adventures, to examine your truth and the potential outcomes of expressing it so you may empower yourself to design the life you want to live.

The message in my book is one of hope. Even as the characters in each story are challenged by their traumas, they find ways to learn and change and heal themselves.

Our intuition, the “little voice” inside, is our ally in the human journey, and we must honor and nurture it. There are risks in not speaking out that may be far greater than the risk of making our voices heard.