Irv’s Photo

Widowed and lonely in the senior living center, retired engineer and proud father, Irv Darling, longs to show his love to his daughter, his pride and joy. Irv always wanted to be Delia’s protector but his wife, Sarah, and his self-doubt stood between him and his daughter. Now Irv must summon the courage to reveal his innermost fears to Delia, to gain her acceptance so they can heal the past, share memories of their good times and rekindle their love.

“Readers will love this terrific father/daughter story about healing, based on Kixx Goldman’s own life experience. Irving is trying to understand his relationship with Delia—both now and in the past. Irv is a character to adore, a thinker. He’s trying to figure out life and the women he shares it with. I like the way Kixx frames the story from the senior center. The beginning is a terrific setup with mood and angst. I love the eagle and the parallel the writer shows, as a father/child moment.”                                                                                                                                                                          ~ Windy Lynn Harris, Editor, and Author, Writing and Selling Short Stories and Personal Essays