Sex Education

Therapist Abigail Morehouse, acclaimed for her work on sexuality and intimacy, reluctantly agrees to teach a pre-marital class to conservative Catholic couples. When Abigail introduces modern ideas, they are perceived as contrary to church teachings. Accused of blasphemy, challenging church views on abstinence, and branded as a sinner by the parish priest, a man dealing with his demons, Abigail finds her professional reputation at stake and knows she must fight back.

Will she be able to regain her standing and dignity?

“What a great setup! Therapist Abigail, who has a modern view of sexuality, has been asked to teach conservative Catholic couples about marriage and intimacy without rocking the boat. Abigail is smart and funny, and willing to stand up for her beliefs. I like Sister Peggy, a modern nun, is so charming! And the priest is a good “antagonist” character. I also like the “newsletter” style of this story and the way the author breaks the fourth wall and talks to us as friends and family.”
~ Windy Lynn Harris, Editor, and Author, Writing and Selling Short Stories and Personal Essays