The Replacement Child

Responding to a cry for help, therapist Rachel Stern catches the first flight into red rock country. to help her lifelong friend Betty with her adopted daughter, Lucy. Rachel is soon shocked to witness Betty’s emotionally abusive treatment of Lucy and, remembering her own troubled childhood, fears for Lucy’s safety. To her everlasting regret, misguided by her fears and loyalty to Betty, Rachel contains her outrage and watches helplessly as her beloved Lucy descends into the world of drugs and slips away.

Rachel knows she must learn to speak from her heart. Will Rachel learn to speak her truth and stand up for what she believes?

“This is a long story about complex family relationships, which will tug at your heartstrings. I really like the way the author focuses on Rachel’s inner struggle, a big part of the plot and an interesting thread for readers to follow. At the same time, Dr. Goldman explores the nuances of the interactions between family and friends. The parallel lives of Rachel and Lucy show two different outcomes of a similar childhood. It works so well. I can’t wait to read the next story.” ~ Dr. Leonora Ketyer, Education Consultant


replacement children