28 Apr
Marriage Under the Microscope
Category: Human Relations
Marriage Under the Microscope by Dr. Kixx Goldman Putting marriage under the microscope was somewhat of a novelty back in the 80s when I was a graduate student in counseling. At...
20 Apr
When Parents are Toxic
Category: Psychology, Trauma
When Parents are Toxic by Dr. Kixx Goldman When to Forgive? What can you do if the source of your misery is your own parent? Just as there are good parents who mysteriously prod...
18 Apr
Young African American family having fun while drawing together at home.
A Path to Self-Esteem: Helping Children Use their Words
Category: Psychology
A Path to Self-Esteem: Helping Children Use Their Words by Dr. Kixx Goldman As a consultant in the elementary schools, I’m impressed when I hear a teacher let’s call her M...
11 Apr
Brain model made from rusty metal gears
Violence and Twisted Psyches
Category: Psychology, Trauma, Writing
Violence and Twisted Psyches by Dr. Kixx Goldman Writers have become intrigued by people who’ve worked with veterans with post-traumatic stress and then become terrorists, wreak...
08 Apr
Deconstructing Hana on Bernie
Category: Politics
Deconstructing Hana on Bernie by Dr. Kixx Goldman Reading Hana Schank’s comments in a Salon post of March 2nd made my blood boil. Hana implies that women over 45 are suppo...
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