12 May
Robert F. Kennedy Jr
Swimming Against the Tide: Part 3
Category: COVID Opinions, Politics
Re: Censorship and Consideration of Diverse Opinions Having the vaccine should be a matter of choice! I would like to think we live in a pluralistic society. A pluralistic socie...
01 Nov
Swimming With The Tide
Category: Book Reviews, Diversity, Film, Hu...
In our first podcast, Pathways to Resilience and Healing, we ask how can we nurture ourselves and strengthen our self-empowerment? Randy Carson and I will model a two-chair dial...
31 Oct
My Special Blue Heart Session With Dr. Kixx
Category: Book Reviews, Diversity, Film, Hu...
I’m delighted to announce the airing of my brand new podcast released just this week. The episodes, titled “A Special Blue Heart Session with Dr. Kixx”, are av...
27 Aug
earth and high heaven
CREATING CHARACTER FROM OUR HEART: The Best Of Times To Create Character
Category: Book Reviews, Diversity, Film, Hu...
What’s the most exciting part of your writing process? For me, it’s exploring character!  “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wis...
20 Dec
Experiences of an Election Protector
Category: Diversity, Human Relations, Politics
November, 2018, Election Alert: And here I was in full regalia, including a black button with white lettering saying I was a nonpartisan volunteer for Election Protection. Drape...
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