15 Jul
Truth, Lies and Healing – Part 3
Category: Human Relations, Psychology, Trauma
I came across this quote by Amber Janae on Twitter: “Turn your back on the people who don’t see how much of a gem you are, but run toward those who do.” Those words were helpful...
13 Jun
Truth, Lies and Negative Labels – Part 2
Category: Human Relations, Psychology, Trauma
Let’s return briefly to the story that inspired my last post. On his popular T.V. show, Dr. Phil presents a mother, Shannon and her daughter, Ryann who are in conflict. Shannon ...
20 May
Mother Worried About Unhappy Teenage Daughter
Truth Lies and Labels – Part 1
Category: Human Relations, Psychology, Trauma
Liar, liar, pants on fire…” Is calling somebody a liar the worst thing you can say about them? It’s certainly one of our favorite ways of branding people. Calling something a li...
28 Apr
Marriage under the Microscope
Category: Human Relations
Putting marriage under the microscope was somewhat of a novelty back in the 80s when I was a graduate student in counseling. At the time, many therapists had run into roadblocks...