29 Oct
Let’s Listen to Generation Z
Category: Human Relations, Politics, Psycho...
My gut is churning and my head feels like someone sat on it. This is my author and coaching website and politics have no place here. Or do they? But I must speak out. After all,...
15 Jul
Truth, Lies and Healing – Part 3
Category: Human Relations, Psychology, Trauma
I came across this quote by Amber Janae on Twitter: “Turn your back on the people who don’t see how much of a gem you are, but run toward those who do.” Those words were helpful...
13 Jun
Truth, Lies and Negative Labels – Part 2
Category: Human Relations, Psychology, Trauma
Let’s return briefly to the story that inspired my last post. On his popular T.V. show, Dr. Phil presents a mother, Shannon and her daughter, Ryann who are in conflict. Shannon ...
20 May
Mother Worried About Unhappy Teenage Daughter
Truth Lies and Labels – Part 1
Category: Human Relations, Psychology, Trauma
Liar, liar, pants on fire…” Is calling somebody a liar the worst thing you can say about them? It’s certainly one of our favorite ways of branding people. Calling something a li...
28 Apr
Marriage under the Microscope
Category: Human Relations
Putting marriage under the microscope was somewhat of a novelty back in the 80s when I was a graduate student in counseling. At the time, many therapists had run into roadblocks...